Using a multidisciplinary approach, we have successfully executed a wide variety of projects for a number of different clients in many communities and settings. While our backgrounds are primarily land use, economic development, transportation, and urban planning, we have experience in numerous fields to accommodate diverse needs.

Kevin Dwarka Land Use and Economic Consulting has performed a substantive role in the following projects:
♦ Albany, NY: West Hill and West End Revitalization Plan
♦ Baldwin, NY: Downtown and Commercial Corridor Resiliency Study
♦ Chappaqua, NY: Downtown Market Analysis
♦ Dutchess County, NY: Poughkeepsie Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy
♦ Dutchess County, NY: Fishkill Opportunities Analysis: Land Use and Market Assessment
♦ Grand Renovation, NY: Land Use Analysis for Historic Brownstones in Brooklyn
♦ Greater Newburgh Partnership, NY: Broadway Corridor Action Plan; Port of Newburgh Waterfront Access and Mobility Strategy
♦ Garden City, Long Island, NY: Land Use and Environmental Guidance
♦ Israel Union for Environmental Defense: Israel Smart Growth Policy Project
♦ Jerusalem Council of Neighborhoods, Israel: Neighborhood Sustainability Plan
♦ Millwood, NY: Revitalization Strategy
♦ New Castle, NY: Master Plan
♦ New York, NY: Dyckman Street Pier Vessel Berth Market Study
♦ Newburgh Community Land Bank, NY: Market Analysis for Downtown Distressed Area
♦ Newburgh Community Land Bank, NY: Neighborhood Revitalization Plan and Financial Modelling
♦ Newburgh Community Land Bank, NY: Update of the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan
♦ Peekskill, NY: Market Analysis
♦ Poughkeepsie, NY: Waterfront Redevelopment Strategy
♦ Poughkeepsie, NY: City Center Revitalization Plan and Market Analysis for Poughkeepsie’s CBD
♦ Poughkeepsie, NY: Main Street Economic Development Strategy.
♦ Ridgefield Economic Development Commission, CT: Ridgefield Economic Development Strategy
♦ Tarrytown, NY: Market Analysis
♦ Tarrytown, NY: Economic Development Strategy
♦ Tarrytown, NY: Fiscal Impact Analysis
♦ Tel Aviv Metropolitan Mass Transit Agency, Israel: Performance Standards Study