Economic Analysis

TOD and mass transit infrastructure are major investments of public and private dollars. Kevin Dwarka LLC can help determine whether or not these investments actually make economic sense, constitute a sustainable approach to development, and efficiently maximize use of a community’s existing assets.

Using the latest technologies and modeling programs in statistical, geo-spatial, and financial analysis, the firm offers economic development assessments of the financial feasibility and economic development impacts of TOD projects and transit infrastructure.

Our firm’s approach is unusual with regard to the level of multi-disciplinary analysis that we adopt in every study. Kevin Dwarka LLC advises clients not only on the marketability of projects but also on their political viability based upon the surrounding policy environment and regulatory conditions.

Public private partnerships are a key specialty of the firm. For both real property and transit infrastructure, we help plan, negotiate, and implement agreements that properly allocate the divisions of risks between public and private entities in order to maximize public benefit. The firm also provides economic consulting and expert testimony for law firms conducting environmental litigation.

Economic Consulting Services

  • Market and Financial Feasibility Studies for TOD and Transit Projects
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis of TOD and Transit Projects
  • Economic Impact Analysis for TOD and Transit Projects
  • Economic Development Strategies for Cities and Regions
  • Innovative Financing Strategies for TOD and Transit Projects
    • Value Capture
    • Public Private Partnerships
    • Affordable Housing Incentives
    • Tax Incentives